What others say about Barry’s Products and Solutions

Over the last few months I’ve been seriously impressed and very inspired by the amount of stuff Barry gets done.

I’ve also got a feeling we’re going to be seeing A LOT more of “brand Barry” in the near future as he helps clients achieve similar levels of activity that drives results“. 

Georgina El Morshdy

Gem Writing


“All of my dealings with Barry have been extremely professional, thorough and straightforward. I would highly recommend Barry as a business partner, colleague or supplier”

Miles Stevens-Hoare

Capstone Global Libraries Ltd


“Barry Allaway, for me is one of the key people I’d seek for their view or advice when I’ve hit a crossroads or felt like I’ve hit a dead end.

He’s one of the most positive guys I’ve met, always giving of his time and experience (he seems to be always there when needed with a forward thinking thought for others), always gives invaluable positive advice in all situations, but more importantly, is a fantastic leader and a massive asset to me and I know others regard Barry highly”.

Paul Bradley ,

Chilli Technology


“I love Barry, he won me over with his RAOKman (Random Acts of Kindness) concept and brand and he’s been one of my top ‘go to’ guys ever since. A wealth of knowledge and support and I completely value his opinion on all aspects of business”.

Dee Woodward,



Barry is a calm professional, whose patience and focus enables him to manage numerous complex projects, competently and with a vast knowledge within the fields that he works in. He has become a friend who instils confidence and guidance in all that I do with him”

Dean Lomas

Quilters Cheviot Investment Bank


“Barry is the clearest thinking, most focussed man I have ever met and a delight to work with”.

Lucy Matthews

Marvellous PR


Barry is an excellent communicator with great integrity and ability. My experience of working with him and networking with him have been very positive”.


Andy Foot

Chairman – The Brain Cancer Charity and Trust


“Barry is constantly striving to improve the performance of his and clients businesses by learning from the best and implementing those ideas quickly and to great effect”.

Jeremy Strong



“Barry’s help, guidance and idea sharing helps other newer and less experienced members think more strategically as well as having some great nuggets that they can swipe and deploy from tests and roll-outs of campaigns and activities Barry undertakes which he willingly shares.”

Phil Wintermantle

Entrepreneurs Circle