You’ll soon have no cash if…

…this news story is to be believed!

A new study over in Australia has claimed that cash will be obsolete within the next ten years, as smart phone, tablet and credit card transactions are increasingly becoming the norm – 82% of our transactions are electronic.

And in case you just rolled your eyes and said “Well that’s fine down under, but it’ll never catch on anywhere near beloved Blighty…”, then you should know that only a few weeks ago Denmark announced that they wouldn’t need to print any more cash and would soon transform into a cash-less society.

Some of you might scoff at this idea and clutch your cash to your chest, promising to never leave it; others might shun it and immediately start swiping your card all over everything, but regardless of our own opinions of this story, it does highlight a very important lesson to us as business owners – and that’s of the importance of change.

You see, everything changes.

Nothing lasts forever.

One of the biggest challenges we face as business owners is being able to adapt to change; to catch any curveball thrown at us (and there are a lot of those, aren’t there?)
Look at Steve Jobs – he was so willing to adapt to changes in how consumers used new technology that he killed the iPod and created the iPhone. If he hadn’t done it, someone else sure would have!
So, next time I whip my card out this week, or gaze upon her Majesty’s stoic, slightly crinkled face, I’ll consider how well I can adapt to change in my business, because everything changes.

You can count on that.

Have a great week.

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