Two Easy to Use Video Tools

Would you like an easy way to use more videos in your marketing?It’s a very good idea to do so. You see, the internet is becoming increasingly visual and more weight is being applied to videos.

As a result, it’s worth embracing this media now – so you can get a first-movers advantage.

And remember… times have changed. You don’t necessarily need to work with a professional video outfit to create engaging videos.

In fact, you’ll be surprised at the results and impact you can make when you take shots with your smartphone’s camera.

If you’re quite good at talking, you might even get away with no editing skills either!

So if you are embracing video, here’s a clever tool that is going to help you ramp up your results. It’s something we’ve been using (and it’s all good!)

It’s called and it’s a service that allows you to record, send, and track video emails.

Given the growing importance of this powerful communication tool, it’s a good idea to weave more video into your marketing arsenal – and BombBomb is an easy way to do that.

Have a go and let me know how you get on.

Speak soon.



p.s – Want to make video sales letters, animated videos and the like then this is a tool worth checking out as well –


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