The Law is the Law!

Start up a conversation about the law in the company of others and you’ll likely get a shovelful of different opinions, depending on how recently they were pulled over for doing 46mph in a 40…or were desperate for the loo while pregnant and a policeman’s helmet was the least objectionable option.

Start up a conversation about the law with the Lindley family from Lincolnshire, however, and you’ll likely only hear bad things—not least because their most recent experience involved their four-year-old Sophie, being reprimanded by an officer of the law for riding her stabiliser-assisted bicycle on the pavement.

Technically, of course, as you’re welcome to read for yourself, Sophie is under 10 and thus unable to break the law—but the blinding lack of common sense carried out by the member of the force that dished out the warning is worth discussing—because lots of businesses make the same mistake.

First, though, a small defence of the law: we live in strange times. The outrageous culture that seems to have crept into modern society only means that the second someone who is essentially employed by the taxpayer drops the ball, they’re hung out to dry and pelted with the social media equivalent of rotten tomatoes. So you can understand, in many ways, why the officer in question would feel the need to stick to the structure provided for him.

But some people stick to the rules too religiously; rules that apparently exist more for their own sake than ours. Businesses ban this, or insist on that; employees are restricted from alcohol on expenses tabs; and so on. Sure, some rules and regulations make sense—but if your business does the equivalent of stopping a four-year-old girl riding her bike on the pavement, then you might want to think twice about what’s actually important—and the impression you’ll leave on potential customers by doing so.

Yes, we need structure, frames of reference, and perspective—but we don’t need pettiness, absurdity, or to put on some robotic facade just to appear to be something we (humans) are not (robots!)

Have a great week!

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