That’s a fairy big increase since my day!

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, kids today have got it pretty cushy.

They don’t have to wait for Mum to get off the phone before using the painfully slow dial-up internet.

They don’t have to worry about missing their favourite TV show, ‘cause they can always get it on catch-up.

And they always seem to have the latest gadgets and gizmos before anyone else.

But the news that got me really green with envy this week, was hearing how much the Tooth Fairy is paying out these days. It turns out that she’s paying up to a TENNER a time, meaning some kids are pocketing around £200 for their full set of baby teeth!

That’s in stark contrast from the  20p I got back when I was a youngster! A fairy big increase I’m sure you’ll agree.

The amount the Tooth Fairy is paying for baby teeth, varies on where you live. In London, you’re more likely to bag yourself £2.50 a tooth, whereas children in Newcastle are most likely to find a £1 coin under their pillow.

Want to see where your area came? Check out this article to find out:

The reason behind this increase isn’t that the Tooth Fairy has won big on the Lotto.

It’s down to the economic up-turn, inflation and wage increases – a sure-fire sign that families are slowly but surely finding themselves better off. No waving of magic wands here – it looks like things are on the up.

And as jealous as I am that the value of teeth has increased so much since I was a youngster, there’s something heart-warming about the fact that – even in a world of games consoles, iPads and YouTube – children still believe in the magic of the Tooth Fairy.

Now, if she’d like to pop by and make up some of money I missed out on during my youth, I’d be more than happy!


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