Squashed Gorilla…

What’s 29 stone, went on a rampage and loves blackcurrant squash?

Yep, Kumbuka the gorilla from London Zoo.

Zoo staff were concerned for guests’ safety when Kumbuka broke free, shutting them in the zoo restaurant and inside the butterfly enclosure. Rumours soon circulated that the 29 stone gorilla was on the rampage in full King-Kong style after smashing the glass on his enclosure. Probably whilst beating his chest with a woman clutched under his arm and armed police being called to take control.

But it’s been revealed by the zoological director, from London Zoo, that he actually just made an ‘opportunistic’ exit through two unlocked doors into a corridor where a keeper was working and was found in a kitchen guzzling five litres of undiluted blackcurrant squash.

Fortunately for the keeper, he had a good bond with the beast, so he was able to reassure Kumbuka and calmly leave the area.

After Kumbuka finished downing the juice, he was shot by a tranquilliser dart and taken back into his enclosure.

If only you could do that to drunken people out in town on a Saturday night eh!?

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