Social Media Profiling

Here is a cracking idea that I picked up from Entrepreneurs Circle… its a social media ‘ice breaker’profile.

The concept is what someone connects with you new from Linkedin, Facebook etc you drop them a quick message like this below..and drop into them the PDF Infographic via the drag and drop or file upload option.

Here is what you could say


Thanks for connecting… as we don’t know each other that well yet, I had this quick visual summary of what we do, and what makes me tick created to break the ice… I look forward to seeing your posts and updates over the coming weeks.

Your Name

P.S… To find out more about us then visit

P.P.S… Please do reach out and let me know what you think of the graphic.

Here is the infographic I am currently using

Barry Allaway LinkedIn Introducer (1)


Hope you find this of use



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