Procrastination Fascination

I wonder why you’re reading this email?

Maybe it was the subject line? Maybe you wanted to scoff at the thought of procrastinating at work? Maybe you just wanted a bit of light comic relief?
Well, it seems like a lot of people have started to procrastinate at an unprecedented level – a large majority of people are doing anything they can to be as unproductive as possible!
A recent BBC article has noted that a there’s been a whopping 300-400% GROWTH in chronic procrastination in the last 40 years alone.

Shocking stuff!

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, or even the pesky Candy Crush – we’re always turned on to temptation – and many of us struggle to prioritise the workload over scrolling through pages and pages of cats!

A recent survey has shown that UK smartphone users check their phones 221 times a day!
In recent years a slew of procrastination tools have gained popularity amongst those of us who need some sort of system to keep us on track (StayFocusd is an office favourite!).

They block access to all of those niggling websites you just can’t stop checking – not bad, right?
Of course, if there’s a will, there’s a way – no one app can stop you from procrastinating your day away – at the end of the day, there’s only your steely willpower – so get a move on, and close this email now!

Or, click here for more procrastination:

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