Mind how you drive

It’s happened.

The car you can drive using just your mind.


In an effort to one day help elderly and disabled drivers, researchers at Nankai University have developed a headset that monitors electrical activity in the brain to break, reverse, start, lock and unlock the car.

There’s still a long way to go though, as the cars are only able to process binary instructions – slight left and right turns and holding a door ajar for example are currently impossible.

The user must also maintain complete focus and relaxation while controlling the car.

(So, best to avoid the M25 then)

As business owners it’s tough to keep focused, relaxed and totally in control all the time.

But  we’ve started doing something that just gives us the little nudge we need to keep sane…

It’s called the Weekly Improvement Plan (WIP), a concept I picked up from the truly wonderful book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz.

Every week we focus on the one thing that’s going to get us one step closer to our destination…. these are all based around our big 90-day goals I have written about before and tie into our 90-day Goal getting masterclass product (http://barry-allaway.com/90daytgoalgetting/)

Every week we improve and move closer to our goals.

It could be recognising those key customers and thanking them. It could be taking a punt and doing that radical marketing idea you’ve been wanting to do for ages. It could be taking more time to keep focused and relaxed, so, ultimately, you stay in control.

What’s your focus this week?

Whatever it is, ensure you’re truly behind the wheel steering your business in the right direction.

Enjoy the drive.


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