Is he for wheel?… a lesson in time value

Just when you thought you’d seen it all…


A Leeds City Council parking warden has been snapped giving a ticket to a wheelbarrow parked in the road. Really.


The pictures were put online yesterday by twitter user @Geezajay2013 who tweeted: “Leeds City Council putting a parking ticket on a wheel barrow [sic]”


A Leeds City Council spokesman said: “We’re not sure this is genuine, but if it is then it appears this individual has been a little overzealous in exercising his duties.”


What do you think, is it for real? Will it all be an effective use of time trying to enforce such a penalty?


It certainly teaches us a lesson or two:

  1. A) Be careful where you park that wheelbarrow (obviously).
  2. B) Know how much your time is worth. Often we forget that there are things you can control, things you can influence, things you can solve and things you cannot control in your business.


Ask yourself what needs to change. Is it your attitue or the situation? Do you need to delegate, outsource or drop it?


The key is acknowledge what your time is wheely worth!


Have a great week

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