How To Build A Sales and Customer Nurturing Machine for your Business

How would you like a proven formula that could help you to find more leads, make more sales, and increase customer retention and loyalty?

Of course you do. After all, it’s the holy grail of each and every business. Customers are your lifeblood and that’s why your most important job is to find and keep customers.

But what does that principle look like In reality?

From a strategic, tactical perspective what can you do to attract a steady stream of perfect customers, who move through your sales pipeline, and spend lots of money with you?

Surprisingly, the answer lies in outer space!

And I don’t mean of the science fiction type.

Instead I’m talking about your business solar system – a powerful, new analogy that will help you map out a comprehensive sales funnel.

Let me explain…

Step by step

How do you find customers?

Primarily through marketing – because clients have to know:

  • That you exist
  • What you do
  • How you help

But it’s not enough to shout about what you do and hope the right people will come a-running (I know that sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how many people still take the broadcast approach).

Instead, you need to build relationships and initiate conversations with the right people.

And for the best results, approach this goal with a strategic overview. Specifically, you need a process that attracts your perfect customer, and then gently nudges them along your sales funnel until they become a buyer.

For best results (and depending on the complexity of the product/service that you sell), you’ll need to take a staged approach to this. After all, not everyone is ready to buy NOW. Some people will need more convincing than others. Some customers won’t even be sure that you’re the person they should buy from.

It’s for this reason I say marketing is a science – and an art.

  • It’s art because of the huge scope to be creative with your marketing ideas
  • It’s science because through testing, you can discover what works (and what doesn’t), and therefore tightly hone your sales funnel for optimum results

But what does this mean in practice…

The sales funnel system

Your sales funnel simply outlines the steps a typical prospect will take on their journey to becoming your customer.

The funnel is a process that draws people in, and then takes them step-by-step through the different elements – each step nudging them closer to a sale. Your ultimate aim should be to automate and systemise some aspects of your funnel. If you can do this, all you need to do is to put more prospects in the top of your funnel to make more sales and grow your business.

That may sound very simplistic – and of course it is, but this is the essence of what Your Business Solar System can help you achieve.

So let’s take a closer look at how you can use the solar system principles to create a sales and customer nurturing machine for your business.

Discover the solar system steps

Our Business Solar System PDF outlines your business solar system map.

Download your PDF here.

This map reveals the various elements of your solar system and the journey your prospect will take as they leave the cold reaches of outer space and are transformed to the heat of your sun (where your raving fans reside).

Here are the steps:

  1. Comets: Identify appropriate traffic sources to drive your target customer to your…
  1. Small moons: Create lead magnets to encourage a prospect to share their content details in exchange for something of value
  1. Large moons: Shift the relationship from prospect to customer by offering a stellar tripwire – this low cost, high perceived value product should be a no risk, no-brainer that encourages your prospect to buy… and importantly become a customer
  1. Planets: Next, persuade your customer to invest in a core products and services – the mainstays of your business that you want all customers to buy. And remember, they’re far more likely to land on a planet once you’ve proved your worth through your tripwire
  1. Sun: Finally, encourage your best customers to make the journey to the sun and invest in your high-ticket items. These are your premium products, masterminds, events, high end maintenance packages and expensive courses/services


As you can see, the objective is baby steps. If you can gradually ascend a customer along your sales funnel – investing more when they have the confidence to do so – this is a powerful way to increase the average lifetime value of each and every customer.

Let’s look at each of these steps in more detail…

 Step 1: Comets

 In marketing terms, your comets are your traffic sources. These are the marketing media you pick to reach your target customer.

Take note… we don’t want to attract just anyone. Whilst your business could theoretically appeal to everyone, we’re looking for a specific someone. The people you are best placed to serve. So when choosing your traffic source, just sense check whether or not your perfect customer is likely to respond.

You won’t be short of traffic sources from which to choose. There are countless options including social media, online ads, print ads, leaflets, emails & newsletters and many more. The trick is to choose the right comets – otherwise you’ll waste A LOT of time and risk making some costly mistakes.

Step 2: Small Moons

 Your small moons are your LEAD MAGNETS: These are ‘freebies’ from the customer’s standpoint, being usually information or resources such as videos, eBooks and reports.

Your lead magnet should entice your perfect customer to share their contact details. In turn, dead magnets become your data capture and conversion too – the way you build your contact list of potential customers.

Your list is perhaps your most prized asset in your marketing arsenal. That’s because when you have a list, you have a host f people – on tap – whom you can promote your products and services. If you nurture your relationship with your list (and build your authority with them), then you’ll almost certainly discover money in your list.


Step 3: Large Moons

Large moons are your TRIPWIRES – and these are powerful, relationship changers.

 Once a prospect is on your list (and therefore a warm lead), you can begin to encourage some monetary transactions. Used correctly, your tripwire could completely transform your sales funnel. A tripwire is a low-priced, but valuable offer, which is hard to resist.

But here’s where it gets interesting… you see, profit, at this point, is not of prime importance. Instead, your aim is to cover the cost of acquiring a customer and change the relationship with an individual from prospect to paying customer.

Large moons give your sales funnel a HUGE boost. That’s because it’s far easier to sell to someone who has already bought… and it’s much easier to sell a £7 product to a newbie than a £70 product.



Step 4: Your Planets

After a customer has invested in a tripwire, they’re far more likely to land on one of your planets and buy your core offer.

 Your core offer is the heart of your business. They are the mainstay of what you do and represent the one thing that you want everyone to buy.

Let’s quickly recap your customer’s journey so far so you can see how planets fit into the solar system. While lead magnets helped you to earn likeability, your tripwire has helped you gain trust and authority. And now that you’ve proven yourself, your target customers are more likely to invest in an item with a bigger ticket price.


Step 5: Your Sun

 Once you’ve earned loyal customers, the next step is to increase your customer’s lifetime value.

This is what profit exploders do and they’re found at your sun. This is where your best customers reside (and the ultimate destination for every person who enters your sales funnel). Of course not everyone will reach this heated territory. Remember the 80/20 rule? The customers who make it to your sun are the people who rave about you, refer you, and buy from you again and again. They’re the people who happily invest in your high-ticket items and help to drive up your average transaction value.


Time to create Your Business Solar System

If people are to buy from you, you need to take them on a journey.

Your Business Solar System details the journey you must take through the traffic sources of the comets, the lead magnets and tripwires of the moons, the core products of the planets, and all the way to the heat of the sun – home of your profit exploders.

What’s more, it will also tell you all about remarketing: the asteroids and meteorites, which continually circulate the solar system and bring constant footfall, profits and loyalty if you utilise them correctly.

It’s an in-depth resource, which gives not only sound advice, but also concrete examples of various methods, approaches and campaign ideas, which have worked in the past and will work again.

Right now, you can grab this comprehensive resource for just £7. Just CLICK HERE to grab your copy and start building your very own business solar system.

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