How the hell does he do business there? (watch this space)

You’ve got to give it to some people – ‘out of the box’ thinkers I mean.


Or in this case, ‘in the phone-box’ thinkers.


So a bloke from Birmingham has set up the world’s smallest coffee shop in red phone box.


Here, take a look:


When you think about it, it’s genius…


  • No expensive premises charges
  • Cheap running costs
  • Quick clean up
  • Fast ‘one and done’ customer turnover
  • And ultimate novelty, which means an attraction point for city-goers


What do you make of it,?


This kind of ‘out the box’ thinking sparked a bit of discussion in the office.


How can we do something that’s gonna get people taking about us?


It’s why we’ve got something very special brewing – and trust me, once it’s reached full flavour, it’ll definitely be your cup of tea.


Watch this space.


It’s coming very soon.


Like next week soon.


‘til then!

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