How badly do you want Wi-Fi?

Now we all know what it feels like when you’ve run out of mobile data and you find yourself buying a coffee in Starbucks just to use their free Wi-Fi… (Now that’s a first world problem if ever I’ve heard one).

You’ll do anything to get Wi-Fi just so you can upload a photo of your coffee to Instagram or tell Twitter just how great the new pumpkin-spiced latte tastes…

Well six Londoners went to crazy lengths…
…and unwittingly signed away their first-born child to get free Wi-Fi!

This was an experiment set up by security firm F-Secure, which created a Wi-Fi hotspot in central London while they waited to see who signed up.

When people connected to the hotspot, they had to agree to T’s and C’s; one which stated that they could only use the free Wi-Fi if the user “agreed to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity”.

The purpose of the experiment was to highlight the dangers of public Wi-Fi, highlighting that people rarely read the terms and conditions and don’t know what they’re actually signing up for…

If you don’t want to accidently sign your soul away, have a read of the full story for yourself here:

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