Hopefully your online security is better than Zuckerberg’s…

He may be the billionaire owner of the world’s biggest social network – but it seems like Mark Zuckerberg’s passwords aren’t quite as secure as they should be.

On Monday, The Telegraph reported hackers broke into his Twitter and Pinterest accounts – posting messages to prove he’d been had.

How did the attackers get in?

It looks like Zuckerberg made a basic security blunder: He reused the same passwords.

Not only that, but his password was ‘dadada’ across his Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.

Ironically, Facebook punishes users for exactly this – with users being ‘locked out’ of accounts for reusing passwords.

So Mr Zuckerberg has been a bit of a bad boy.

Thankfully (for him) his Instagram and Facebook passwords seem to be made of stronger stuff as the hackers couldn’t get into either.

In business practising what you preach, or just doing what you say, really resonates.

“I’ll have that quote with you tomorrow”; “Your order will be ready on Friday”; “Delivery is made in 48 hours”; “I’ll be in touch next week to fix that meeting”.

If you don’t fulfil your commitments then your service, credibility, reputation and honesty is undermined. Do what you say and you are a man (or woman!) of your word, trustworthy, easy to do business with, efficient – and ultimately you receive more business.

Practising what you preach is also about taking your own advice.

If you talk to your clients about keeping their website updated, make sure you do the same for yours.

If you promote the use of social media, maintain an active profile on social media yourself.

If you complain to others about late payment of bills, make sure you pay your invoices on time.

To build your reputation and grow your business {RecipientName}, practise what you preach.




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