Happy Birthday, Ma’amite!

It’s famously divided that nation since the early 1900’s and today you’re in one of two camps: Your either love it or loathe it.

I’m talking of course, about Marmite.

Or should that now be Ma’amite?

You see, the spread is one of a handful of British-made products that have been given a Royal Warrant by the Queen, in honour of her 90th birthday this week. This means that the sticky brown paste can now carry the Royal seal of approval.

Other brands given the Royal Warrant include Knorr, Comfort, Colman’s mustard, Hellmann’s, Persil and Stork.

The Royal Warrant recognises those companies that have supplied goods or services to the Royal Family for at least five years. Who knew, that when it comes to Marmite, the Royal Family are firmly in the ‘love it’ camp…

As signs of credibility go, you can’t get much better than saying the Queen is a fan.

But you don’t need to get a Royal Warrant to build credibility in your business.

Maybe you’ve been recognised with an industry award, perhaps you’re celebrating a business milestone, you might even have a famous fan. Whatever it is, these are all ways you can build credibility with your customers.

Simple, yet effective ways you can show that you know your stuff.

You know that people buy from people. Seals of approval, testimonials and credibility are all ways you can pull customers closer and compel them to buy from you.

Think about it.

You check reviews from other shoppers and look for these signs of credibility when you buy from someone new. Your customers are exactly the same.

Make you brand and products more credible, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Have a good week,




P.S. The article about the Royal Warrant and the history of Marmite is a pretty interesting read. Check it out:



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