Its Good to Talk!… You Never Know Where it May Lead


What are you like when it comes to talking to people. Are you one of those jazz hands types that loves a conversation or are you more comfortable at your computer conversing by tapping the keys?

A study this week reveals that over a quarter of Londoners said they felt lonely often or all of the time and that a third of them didn’t even know who their neighbours were.

So, the London Underground brought in the “Tube-chat” badge. It’s a badge that commuters on the underground can wear to start a conversation with another passenger to show that they’re open for a chat.

The badge removes every bit of stigma around ‘what if they don’t want to talk?’ ‘what if I get the silent treatment?’ ‘what if they hate me?’ and the thousand different questions that rattle around your mind before you start talking to someone.

A study in the Experimental Journal of Psychology reported that the pleasure of connection seemed contagious and in a laboratory waiting room, participants who were talked to had equally positive experiences as those instructed to talk.

Yet there are nearly 10,000,000 results in Google for ‘fear of talking to strangers’. The fear of judgement, of being found out or criticised, fills everyone’s stomach with dread

It’s the same with your customers (well most of them!!) – they liked to be spoken to and welcome conversations.

When you get an enquiry or an email asking for information – do you call up the person or conduct a video chat? Or is it all by email exchange?

As the old BT advert used to say “It’s good to talk” and it seems that the citizens of London are getting back on board with that saying.

Give a customer a call today.


Speak soon

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