FYI, this has got me pretty het up, so I apologise now for the swearing…

I wanted to share this with you to see whether you have the same reaction as me…

See, there’s this bloke who’s been flying around the world and enjoying luxury holidays for free.

If that’s not annoying enough, then here’s how he’s done it:

He found holes in the system and, to be blunt, has taken the right royal piss.

Yes, it’s not illegal, yes, he’s being open about it, yes, he’s a proper smart-arse.

But, irrespective of the multi-million pound companies he’s doing it to, (who probably won’t feel the pinch) he’s sending a really bad message.


That it’s OK to cheat the system.

You work so hard to ensure your business runs on effective and continuous cash flow. You put everything you have into giving your customers the best, so, in turn, your family get the best too.

Why does this fella think it’s OK to do this?

If it was your business, what would you do?

You may have fathomed this story has hit quite a nerve with me; so much so, I’m took action.

My team and I worked late, and I provided the pizza and the beers.

We stayed late to ldouble check our systems and processes.

How tight are they – how effective are they for the type of business we aspire to be.

I don’t for one second think some kn*b is going to free-load on any of my services, however, if one, just one of our processes means we could potentially mess up and impact our customers, I owe it to my customers, my staff, my family and the business to put it right.

Thanks for reading – hope this is useful to you in some way…

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