Freeze Eggs to Find Females

When you’re recruiting new staff, getting the right people is a big deal, and increasing the salary on offer is the traditional way of attracting a higher quality of applicant.

A big honeypot might work in general, but cash isn’t always king. Money doesn’t float everyone’s boat, and often job-seekers are looking for something else from their next career move; they’ve got other considerations besides the weight of their pay packet.

Facebook has just hit the news with an interesting solution to finding the right employees.

They want more high-calibre women to join their team, and they’re offering a financial contribution towards egg-freezing. So, if female employees want to get started on their careers and secure some high-quality eggs for use in later life, they can.

It’s not a move without controversy, hence the headlines, but it is an example of a business who are thinking about recruitment from the perspective of their ideal applicant.

They are trying to answer the question “why wouldn’t you come and work with us right now” and coming up with an answer that isn’t just throwing money at the problem.

It’s a nice lesson that teaches us to think outside the box when it comes to getting the right people for the right position. What matters to people isn’t always money, put yourself in their shoes for a moment, and think about what really matters to them.

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