Do you love a bit of cheese?

YouTube is amazing for hosting some weird and wonderful videos; everything from skiing hamsters to Guinness world records and now this…
A Scottish travel agent has gone viral, with a video dubbed as ‘so bad, it’s good’. View it here (you won’t regret it!):

One week after being posted on, the video from Thorne Travel Agents has been watched nearly one million times! (… and businesses sales have grown 110%!)

All across the web, the video is being discussed; phrases such as ‘cringey’, ‘glorious’ and ‘comedy genius’ are being thrown around … and so are the words ‘Thorne Travel Agents’.
Twitter is overloaded, Facebook is fanatical and everyone is Googling the country’s most popular travel agents … they have even generated international customers!

If this over-the-top, poorly made, genuinely funny video is a representation of anything, it is that personality is key. The video has proven that having a little fun with your advertising is not a bad thing; in fact these days it is almost necessary!

Your customers want to know who you are and why they should use your business.

In the case of this travel agent they have promoted the business and staff in a spoof of a Virgin Airways advertisement, demonstrating a sense of humour and the character of the businesses: they are real and down to earth.

Their cheeky marketing idea has worked a treat … could yours?


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