How to be creative and think LEGO rather than use an outdated Recruitment Strategy!

If you’ve been tasked with or are thinking about finding someone to promote within your business then look for the quiet, inquisitive chap (or chapess) who’s into LEGO.

At least that’s our best guess after reading this story about teenager Shubham Banerjee, a US high-schooler (that’s senior school to you and me) who decided to create his own braille printer out of a LEGO Robotics kit, with the idea of selling at around 18% of the price of the average $2,000 braille printer!

Of course, this was mere months after being told to ‘Google it’ by his parents when he asked what braille was in the first place.

Okay, we know—these kinds of stories aren’t THAT rare. Kids and technology seem like a perfect fit (unless you were one of the unfortunate folks to get a Wii controller through your plasma screen TV back in 2007).

But what impressed us more was the work ethic and vision of such a young lad. To be introduced to a print medium, and work towards improving it (and lighting up the school science fair at the same time), all in the space of a year seems pretty impressive.


It impressed Intel, too, who contributed an undisclosed sum to Shubham’s father’s $35,000 investment in the newly founded ‘Braigo Labs’.

I suppose the lesson here is to look for attitude, for a sense of purpose, and for enthusiasm.

We often put too much weight on experience when looking for people to take on roles, but with experience comes a near-unshakeable belief in ‘how things are done’—and when you need agility, fresh thinking, or the development of a new process, that isn’t always what’s best for business.

So the next time you’re looking for someone to take on a role, don’t just read down a lengthy CV and count the years. Listen to the applicant, or look around the workplace for someone with a bit of a creative spark, or the willingness to go the distance to improve how your business works.

Have a great week!


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