The Ancient Wisdom of Direct Response Social Media Marketing

Source – GKIC Bootcamp – May 2016
And No B.S Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing

1) Though shalt … always have an Offer/Offers

Social Media land shouts ‘Content is King’ I would disagree. The Sale is King. Without it, you have no market share and no money in the bank. Your Social Media marketing needs to have an offer, telling your ideal prospects exactly what to do and why they want to do it right now!. It should be an irresistible and time sensitive offer and give your ideal prospect customer an offer they can’t refuse.

2. Though shalt…. always have a reason to respond by creating Scarcity, having a Deadline or both

The hidden cost and failure in all advertising and marketing is in the almost persuaded. They were tempted to respond. They nearly responded. They got right up to the edge of response, then life got in the way. There must be a good reason for them not to stop short or delay, there must be urgency and a buy button close at hand.

There is a great tool for creating scarcity called Scarcity Samurai on the ninja business tools site here

3. Though shalt…. have clear guidelines that detail in full on how to respond

Most people do a reasonably good job of following directions. Most people are well trained from infancy, to do as they are told.

Confused or uncertain consumers do nothing. And people rarely buy anything of consequence without being asked and given clear details of how and what to do next. You must walk your prospect through the steps you want them to take in order to make the sale.

Sit back and think once you have crafted your copy with instructions – would Homer Simpson understand it and be able to follow the path to the checkout?!

4. Though shalt…. always have tracking and measurement.

If you want real profits from your marketing, you are no longer going to permit any advertising, marketing, or selling investments to be made without direct and accurate tracking, measurement and accountability in place.

You will be given all sorts of arguments as to why this new ‘bright shiny object’ works and how many followers, views and likes they get… but this is vanity not sanity focussed… Smile nicely and tell them to come back when the have hard data and facts you can measure and compare with your current activity, as until the bank lets you spend Likes, Views and Shares don’t accept it as valuable to your business.

5. Though shalt build sequences and there will be follow up… ALWAYS!

With people buying on the 5th, 6th, 7th or longer touch-point… and most businesses giving up follow up after 1,2 and 3 at most engagements there is a massive opportunity gap and money being left on the table not being taken by the majority of companies… You will not be one of them!… Use systems such as Infusionsoft, Active Campaign for full automation of these follow up routines.. or at the very least Mailchimp, AWeber or Constant Contact email solutions.

6. Though shalt…. Live by the mantra of “RESULTS RULE”

Return on Investment is King.. Its everything… if you invest £1 in Marketing and it doesn’t return £4+ then you need to tweak and test… if it losses you money, breaks even or only brings in £2 then ditch it and try something else as with the business risks of today you’d be better off putting your money in the bank (yes even at todays low interest rates).

Reproduced as an abridged extract from the No B.S Guide to Direct Response Social Marketing – I highly recommend you buy the book and implement like mad from the nuggets within it.

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