A Sure-Fire Way to Keep Your Boss ‘Appy

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to say that your first day at a new job is daunting. You’ve obviously impressed with your application, you’ve survived a grilling from your new employers and you’ve dressed the part ready for your first day. Now you just have to play the part.

Well imagine getting through the rigmarole of the rigorous interview process, only to resign on your first day. That’s exactly what Ethan Czahor had to do after his employers found his old tweets and considered them homophobic and sexist. Czahor said he wrote the tweets while part of an ‘improv’ comedy troupe and was practicing material that had been taken “out of context”.

This inspired Czahor to start work on a brand new app called “Clear” which scans your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for anything that could potentially deter or anger employers. However, the app isn’t created to pull the wool over employers eyes, as Cazhor states people’s actions outside of social media will still reveal their true selves.

But it certainly does allow you to remain professional and to project a more refined version of yourself. After all, employers won’t want to see pictures of you dressed as a woman on a stag do in Prague throwing up into a pint glass. In fact, no one wants to see that.

This can teach us an important lesson in business. Although it’s important to have “transparency” in business and for everything to be open and honest within the workplace, there’s some things that aren’t suitable.

And what happens in Prague, really should stay in Prague.

Have a read of the story for yourself here:



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