A cool way to use lumpy mail to drive customers into your business premises

Here’s one of my favourite ways to use promotional gifts in really ANY business where customers come through your door such as a restaurant, retail business, and any brick and mortar business (professional practice or business office).

Promotional branded gifts can be very effective in getting your clients or prospects to come to your store, restaurant or other retail location. One of the best ones we’ve seen in driving traffic to your location is what we call a “puzzle piece mailer.”

In this mailing, you attach a puzzle piece to the top of your letter to your clients or prospects with the headline, “Is This the Winning Piece?” In the letter its tells the prospect/client to bring this puzzle piece in to your location to see if it is the missing piece to complete the puzzle you’ve assembled in your business.

If the piece matches, they win! In restaurants the winner often receives a free meal for that visit, or in a retail store they’ll receive some type of Gift Certificate to redeem in the store.

Here’s another hint. Make sure everyone is a winner, even if their piece doesn’t fit. Have some inexpensive free gifts to give anyone with a puzzle piece who visits your location. I’ve also seen this work well when you send a key in the mail. They bring in their key to see if it unlocks the treasure chest. If it does, they win again!

Want to discuss innovative ways to use promotional items in your business…? Give us a call.

To your direct mail, promotional success!

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