7 proven Subject lines to increase email open rates

increase email opens

As you probably know, we keep a keen eye on what’s going on in the world of digital marketing and lead generation.

And email remains the key element in our marketing arsenal.

I read with interest this week, from a leading membership organisation here in the UK, what their best-performing emails are this year to date. And as they send over 1 million emails per month they are worth taking note of and testing for yourself!

Now, before I share these with you, it’s important to remember the email content has to have some congruency with the Subject line to aid conversions.

So don’t just use the headline as your email Subject alone – add the headline where relevant into your email body copy. This is particularly relevant in Number 6…

Average industry open rates are still around the 18% mark and all of these beat that by some margin:

No 7 – Headline =

%FIRSTNAME% (that’s right just their name)

No 6 – Headline =

I blame Kevin Costner…

No 5 – Headline =

%FIRSTNAME%’s Envelope
Only use when sending something in the post as part of a wider campaign.

No 4 – Headline =

%FIRSTNAME%, about yesterday…
Great to use after a meeting or event they attended.

No 3 – Headline =

Great to use when an event/webinar or offer is about to expire.

No 2 – Headline =

Important Message for xxxxxx Members
Got a membership site or social media closed group…? Then try this one out.

No 1 – Headline =

Have I upset you %FIRSTNAME%?
Good to send out when a contact has not been engaging with content recently, or hasn’t responded to an offer.


PS. Remember the best-crafted email that is sat in your draft folder for further tweaking/review and not sent…is 100 times less effective than a half decent email sent… So do try these out over the coming weeks.

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