7-Figure Webinar flow and template used by the big guns


Ive been doing a lot of research into webinars as this is something we are ramping up in 2016.

We have researched systems from the main tools like GoTo Webinar to specialist solutions such as Webinar Jam and EverWebinar.

One of the key things that has come across through my own and the teams hours of research over the last six months is the importance of getting the webinar flow right within the presentation itself-  the tools you use can help of course… but if you don’t get the content right… then your dead in the water…

So having looked at how the key players in the market do this… I have come across the key elements they use to walk through their product and service offers in sales pitches which was kindly summarised by the world leading on-line marketing team at GKIC (Glazier Kennedy Insider Circle) of which we are members…. now rather than just reproduce a list here.. I thought we would share with you the skeleton template we developed from the GKIC team feature and other research learnings we have gained… here it is in powerpoint format just for you


webinar template


I hope you find this a useful resource and look forward to hearing about the success you have using it




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