The Blueprint for Creating an Infoproduct

cover_3DHow to wake up to sales, build a residual income and become an expert authority in your industry

[ How you can sell your expertise and ideas by building products that serve your audience and generate income ]

If you have niche expertise, specific know-how or great information that you feel other people would like to know, then you can sell that knowledge over and over again through a product.

Even if you’re sat there thinking, “nobody will give me money for my knowledge” – then you’re wrong.

One thing I’ve learnt over the past 25+ years as an entrepreneur is that people desperately want to know what you know … and they’re willing to pay for it.

I know what you’re thinking.

“I’m not a doctor, in fact, I’m not any sort of expert” – that’s fine it’s simple real-life knowledge that counts.

But building your own information based product could be your ticket to increasing your sales without putting in any more time – and money – into your business.

You see, a one-off product is one of the few ways that sole practitioners, consultancies and small businesses can sell their expertise multiple times without having to physically be there.

To take my own case as an example, I could – in theory – meet with retail business leaders 1-2-1 and give advice about how to increase footfall to thier shops, but – in practice – I simply would not have the time.

So I wrote a book… It contains all the essential information and my key insights.

It’s a win-win situation – I get to share my ideas (and make sales!), while retailers can access my ideas with ease (and at far less cost than if I were consulting in person).

The digital revolution has made it even easier to market your intellectual property (ideas!) to customers. Your product can be anything from a webinar, e-book, or downloadable PDF to a full-blown online course using video and text documents.

Not only can products allow you to keep selling 24/7, they’re also a marketing tool in their own right.

It’s a chance to walk the walk and showcase your business or professional knowledge.

Do your research and you can become that expert, if you’re not already. Like I said, it’s having some basic know-how that matters.

But even the very best knowledge need to be packaged in the right way to command attention and reach the target customer.

Yes, technology means it’s easier than ever to self-publish and produce digital material like an e-book at practically zilch cost.

But this has raised the game too…

To create an effective information product, you need to plan carefully, and produce a product that looks as professional as it reads or sounds.

Sound ominous? It doesn’t have to be…

With The Blueprint for Creating an Infoproduct, you’ll have the full benefit of my many years, and numerous product creating experience in creating your own products that genuinely sell.

Quick to read, easy to follow and packed full of practical advice – including resources that can help you create a top-notch product – you’ll see your ideas start to fly in no time.

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