Meet the Team

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  • Barry Allaway
    Founder and CEO
    Barry Allaway
    Founder and CEO

    Barry is a fast action taker, serious implementer and astute businessman. Through his proven planning systems, big thinking mind-set and carefully chosen support network, Barry has been able to plough through the treacle of day-to-day business life to get results.

    He is highly recognised for his unique ability to identify what needs implementing to quickly get results. As well as heading up one of the UK’s largest magazine distribution businesses, Barry is a business author, product creator and success mentor. He’s also your all round nice guy, with an obvious passion for sharing his invaluable knowledge with others – something that is evident in his business resources. His unique aptitude to innovation together with his impressive business knowledge and down to earth approach make Barry one of the most sought after contacts in the business circle.

  • Georgina El Morshdy
    Brand Communication Strategist and Copywriter
    Georgina El Morshdy
    Brand Communication Strategist and Copywriter

    As a brand communication strategist, Georgina can help you find your unique voice, hone your message, and create the robust content strategy, you need to get your message heard by the right people.

    As an experienced and qualified copywriter, having trained with The Institute of Copywriters, Georgina can do all the ‘persuasive stuff’ such as crafting an eye-catching headline, building an irresistible offer, and convincing the reader to take the next step.

  • Victor Taylor
    Graphic Designer and Web Designer/Developer
    Victor Taylor
    Graphic Designer and Web Designer/Developer

    Victor has been in the web design and development business since 2002. He has a natural flare for graphics and anything creative, and is also very adept at the technical side of things, having worked on a wide variety of web projects with all kinds of business types, large and small.

    Clients who have worked with Victor find that they like the way he doesn't confuse them or try to impress them with technical jargon. They appreciate his professional work ethic, and they trust him to always be there when needed, as a reliable asset for their business.

  • Steph Middleton-Foster
    Virtual Assistant & Marketing Manager
    Steph Middleton-Foster
    Virtual Assistant & Marketing Manager

    Steph is an Award winning virtual assistant, experienced PA and marketing manager with a background in providing operational support to a wide variety of organisations, from small businesses to local government.

    With a wealth of expertise in business operations, Steph is the person who can help you to bring your ideas to life and set up efficient systems for you admin, sales and marketing funnels.

    In her own words, Steph says, “Organisation and planning is what I do best, and I believe that efficient operational support is the backbone of every business. Without it, you’ll come unstuck eventually."

  • Tim Cooper-Cocks
    Sales Strategist
    Tim Cooper-Cocks
    Sales Strategist

    With over 30 years experience in Business to Business as well as Business to Consumer markets, across a wide range of sectors including amongst others Financial Services, Licenced Trade and Retail.

    Tim is well placed to help review or create, and then implement sales strategies with clients to drive revenue in your business. He has a passion for seeking out residual and ongoing revenue streams, as well as initial sales to really drive Return on Investment through all sales channels and activities.

  • Guy Bartlett
    Business Aquisition and Exit Specialist
    Guy Bartlett
    Business Aquisition and Exit Specialist

    Our go-to-guy for all business growth through acquisitions. 

    Guy also works with us and our clients on maximising revenue for those wishing to sell all or part of their business.

  • Lucy Matthews
    PR Expert
    Lucy Matthews
    PR Expert

    Lucy brings over 34 years’ PR experience and knowledge to your marketing, working for a huge range of B2B and B2C clients in London, Sydney, Luxembourg and now across the UK from industrial floor cleaning manufacturers, to football clubs; property developers to therapists; Pepsi to pasta ready meals; photographers to authors; big businesses to entrepreneurs and small start-ups; helping them all to build their profile, make more sales and put themselves ahead of their competitors.

  • Tony Dalton
    Cash Flow Expert
    Tony Dalton
    Cash Flow Expert

    Tony has written books and lectured in the area of cash management. It is an essential discipline for companies as the way and speed invoices are paid is a growing problem in this current market. Companies end up short of capital unless they can get paid for what they are doing quickly.

    Using his cash flow experience, Tony acts as a mentor for small and developing companies. He is a mentor for the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship (IAE) at Coventry University along with the ACE programme at Coventry University Enterprises Limited, where he has had several successes.

  • Steve Parker
    International and Business Growth Funding (exUKTI) Expert
    Steve Parker
    International and Business Growth Funding (exUKTI) Expert

    When Steve started his international business career more than 30 years ago, handling 60 consignments per week to markets worldwide, it seemed like an enjoyable, rewarding and slightly’ sadistic’ challenge. Since then, he has worked in senior positions for companies involved in a diverse range of products and sectors, regularly visiting and establishing significant levels of profitable sales in over 30 countries.

    It was during a time of ‘recharging his batteries’ whilst working as a senior international trade adviser for UKTI, that he realised that with the correct attitudes and support, it should be possible for most companies to take advantage of the enormous levels of opportunities in markets worldwide.

    He has helped companies involved in everything from engineering, building materials, recycling and waste management, petrochemical, high value design interiors and gift products, magazine and book distribution and even glass eyes, to sell successfully overseas and still does on a daily basis.


    • Strategy planning and implementation
    • International sales and marketing
    • International market development
    • Joint ventures and establishing offices overseas
    • Trading globally inc export finance
    • New product development
  • Zara Imrie
    Traffic Manager
    Zara Imrie
    Traffic Manager

    Zara is our PPC (Pay per Click) specialist, she is a Premier Google Partner and holds certifications in AdWords Search, Display, Video, Mobile & Google Shopping. In addition to being a Google whiz she also has in-depth knowledge of Facebook & LinkedIn advertising platforms working with us and her own private clients in a variety of niches both in services and ecommerce sectors.

    She also holds an MBA and is also a CIMA qualified accountant, so you can be certain you are in professional hands and she is very focused on return on investment for clients for their online advertising spend.

  • Matt Burke
    Video and Vlogger
    Matt Burke
    Video and Vlogger

    Matt is a young entrepreneur who can improve the quality of your social media content, and in particular, use video to drive your social media strategies. His speciality is the integration of all social media to build a valuable customer relationship and refine a company's audience.

    Having traveled the world, Matt documented his travels as a videographer and gained quite a following on YouTube. He also works for LA based ‘GiveBackFilms’ as their sole content creator. His latest venture is with Music Artist ‘James TW’ (Island Records) to be his content coordinator on his upcoming European tour. Alongside this, he has begun to consult and work with companies to improve their social media presence.

    As an experienced video editor, Matt produces high quality content with a natural feel. He delivers work efficiently, and with an exclusive insight into the fast paced marketing world.

  • Laura Hanlon
    Social Media and Facebook Advertising
    Laura Hanlon
    Social Media and Facebook Advertising

    Laura has over 5 years experience in the online marketing space specialising in social media and Facebook advertising.

    Her sole focus is to take the social media off your plate, create and manage your platforms and campaigns to help you achieve incredible RESULTS.

    Whether that’s to gain more awareness and engagement, generate more leads or drive sales directly through your website - Laura can help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for in the social landscape and with Facebook Pay Per Click advertising.