Discover a Powerful Process that can Ramp Up your Pace of Implementation – Significantly

If you’re reading this page, it means you’ve downloaded my ‘get more done’ checklist and you want to be a better implementer.

It’s a smart decision. Remember, your success is directly related to the rate and amount of the right stuff that you make happen. An idea can’t make money until it’s ‘out there’ and unless you’re constantly innovating and actioning your to-do list, at best you’ll stagnate… At worse you’ll go backwards – allowing your competitors to get the edge.

I’ve found many super smart people lose out in business because they don’t get stuff done.

It’s not usually a lack of ideas that holds them back. Instead, the stumbling blocks are perceived lack of time, procrastination, or a lack of clarity over what to do. Then, instead of working on the important business-building stuff, you end up firefighting the day-to-day – and progress is stifled.

It’s Goal-Getting NOT goal setting that makes the big stuff happen

But it needn’t be this way…

I’ve developed a process that focuses you on the stuff that will transform your business, helping you to implement more in the next 90 days than you’d normally achieve in a year.

It’s called 90-Day Goal Getting and it’s the fuel that drives everything I do.

Imagine the impact to your business (or your life) if you actually delivered the project that’s gathering dust in your mind:

  • That brilliant unwritten book idea could totally change your positioning, so you can attract higher quality customers, raise your fees, and transform your financial situation
  • That new product could introduce a highly profitable revenue stream and diversify your business
  • That new sales funnel could automate some of your time, giving your more space to work on the next big thing

Procrastination and lack of time are just excuses that are keeping you at a standstill.

Whatever you want for your business (or your life), the 90-Day Goal-Getting process can help you achieve it. This process is proven, easy to implement, and above all effective. I know it will bring enormous value to your business. So here’s what I’m going to do…

As a new subscriber, I want to make it really easy for you to discover (and implement) the 90-day Goal-Getting process, so that you can see the results for yourself.

Here are your two options:

1. DIY

My 90-Day Goal-Getting Masterclass product takes you step by step through the process of setting (and getting) your 90-day goals.

This is a physical product, which I’ll deliver to you by first class post. It contains the following:

1. A DVD containing a video series, which walks you through the five steps of the process and explains how (and why) a 90-day focus will transform your

2. Colour copies of all the video slides, for you to make notes and capture fresh ideas and insights as they bubble up

3. Your goal-getting objective notepad, designed to help you map out your business priorities, success criteria, and your deadlines

4. Your A3, 90-day planner where you can outline your priorities to help keep you focused and on track

5. A notebook where you can collect ideas for your top secret project

What’s more, it’s all delivered in a handy tin so you can keep your goal-getting kit safe and in one place.

Here’s how to implement the 90-day goal-getting process in your business

Once in your hands, all you need to do is schedule a date where you can extract yourself from the day-to-day and put the system to work. It’s easy…

  • Simply watch the videos to give yourself the background and an overview of the system
  • Make sure you have plenty of pens, paper, highlighters, and sticky notes to capture your thoughts and ideas as you go through
  • By the end of the day, you should have a clear map of what you need to do to achieve the goals that will transform your life

Best of all, this process isn’t a one-off. As well as investing in a product, you’re investing in knowledge, which you’ll use again and again. Just imagine how different your business will be this time next year, if you’ve upped your delivery and got stacks more done:

  • More profits
  • More time
  • More confidence
  • Faster progress…

Remember… This comprehensive DIY kit is your chance to learn how to work more effectively, so you can powerfully accelerate your progress. In short, instead of your ideas gathering dust, you can turn them into profit.

This transformational kit usually sells for £97. But as a new subscriber, I’m keen to give you some momentum – to help you make rapid progress.

That’s why you’ll pay just £47. Call it my welcome gift to you.

This better than half-price offer expires soon!

to order your copy and kick-start a whole new you


2. Done WITH you

The DIY kit works exceptionally well if you already have some ideas of the projects you want to deliver and you’re able to motivate yourself to make things happen.

But if you’re a serial procrastinator or you’ve got yourself in a state of total overwhelm, then my done with you service is a better option.

Here’s how it works…

We’ll jump on Skype (or face-to-face if you’re in the Midlands) and spend an hour together – focused on your business – to map out your 90-day plan.

I’ll walk you through the 90-day goal-getting process – and tailor it to your business. We’ll spend a highly focused hour planning your 90-day strategy and prioritising actions so that you can concentrate on the stuff that will take you closer to your goals.

Expect a fast pace and a furious flurry of activity.

I don’t sit around and so we’ll quickly get to grips with your challenges and set you on the right path. Where appropriate I can introduce you to my crack team, who help me make rapid progress, and I’ll share some bespoke implementation strategies – based on what we feel will help you make a step-change.

In fact it’s my goal to give you at least three nuggets, which you can put into action immediately – to see a return in your investment.

I usually charge £197 for a one-hour ‘get stuff done’ consultation, but as a new subscriber I’ll cut this fee in half so you’ll pay just £97. I’ll even throw in a free digital copy (worth £67) of my 90-Day Goal-Getting Masterclass as a special bonus.

To book your one-hour strategy call

Want to get more stuff done? The decision is yours…


You’re at an important crossroads right now…

You’ve been drawn to this page because you know implementation is a problem for you. I’ve shared with you two ways that will help you kick this issue – perhaps for good. I’ve also given you a generous discount – because I really want to help.

So what’s it to be?

Will you carry on as you are, but risk looking back 12 months down the line to find yourself in pretty much the same place?

Or will you take action now, invest in your 90-day goal-getting, and start to make all those awesome ideas generate cash?

The choice is yours… I hope you make the right one for you.


“Barry is constantly striving to improve the performance of his clients’ businesses by learning from the best and implementing those ideas quickly and to great effect.”

Jeremy Strong – Invoco
“Barry is a calm professional whose patience and focus enables him to manage numerous complex projects, competently and with a vast
knowledge within the fields that he works in. He has become a friend who instills confidence and guidance in all that I do with him.”

Dean Lomas – Quilters Cheviot Investment Bank
“Barry’s help, guidance and idea sharing helps other newer and less experienced members think more strategically as well as having some
great nuggets that they can swipe and deploy from tests and roll-outs of campaigns and activities Barry undertakes which he willingly

Phil Wintermantle – Entrepreneur’s Circle
“I work with a number of entrepreneurs on a daily basis and I can honestly say that Barry is one of the most forward thinking, proactive
and fast paced business owners I know. The speed at which he can turn an idea into an action is impressive and is surely a contributing
factor in the success of his and clients’ businesses.”

Steph Middleton-Foster – Out-house UK Ltd