How to Write a Book Toolkit ONLY from £67!

Penning your own book, information product, webinar, and lead-bait or business toolkit is a highly lucrative way of generating significantly more business whilst improving your credibility as a master of your trade.

“The speed at which Barry can turn an idea into an action is impressive and is surely a contributing factor in the success of his and clients businesses”.

Steph Middleton-Foster , Out-house UK Ltd

Through a practical 10-step process, this invaluable toolkit reveals the top secrets on how to create and sell your very own masterpiece whilst offering you money-saving tips and short-cut advice along the way.  Whether you are a budding author or have never before considered putting pen to paper, this enlightening product is a must-have for business owners looking to accelerate their level of success.

Whilst this product has been created with books in mind, the tools and processes are also ideally suited for:

  • Audio Books
  • Information Products
  • Marketing lead-bait / ethical bribes / Give-to-get materials
  • Workshops
  • Training materials
  • Presentations

Two versions available:

  • Premium Toolkit – physical product £97
  • Digital Toolkit £67