Barry’s Bio

Who is Barry Allaway?

Barry is a fast action taker, serious implementer and astute businessman. Through his proven planning systems, big thinking mind-set and carefully chosen support network, Barry has been able to plough through the treacle of day-to-day business life to get results.

He is highly recognised for his unique ability to identify what needs implementing to quickly get results. Barry is a business author, product creator and success mentor. He’s also your all round nice guy, with an obvious passion for sharing his invaluable knowledge with others – something that is evident in his business resources. His unique aptitude to innovation together with his impressive business knowledge and down to earth approach make Barry one of the most sought after mentors and Non-Executive Directors in the SME business community.

“Barry is the clearest thinking, most focussed man I have ever met and a delight to work with”.
Lucy Matthews

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