Which fast-food chain uses Pink Slime?

Not McDonalds if that was what you were thinking!

In fact, now everybody knows what IS actually in McDonald’s burgers because cameras have been allowed inside one of their secret food factories for the first time in a bid to end the many rumours that they serve ‘Frankenfood’.

The cameras unveiled a lot… like burger patties are 100% pure beef and they process 400,000 pounds of meat per day!

This is part of a new campaign that will use a series of commercials as well as a social media campaign called ‘Our Food. Your Questions’.

Click here if you want to see the story for yourself.


Their plan of talking to the public directly seems to have already had an effect and should banish a lot of the food rumours that we’ve all heard.
It also raises a business moral…

Sometimes it is extremely hard to stop your customers thinking negative thoughts about your business. After all, letting people see what you actually do can be time consuming and expensive.

But… if there is something that has generated a lot of negativity, there’s always a way to change people’s minds.

You just need to find that way yourself!

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