th) you’ll be able to leave your Oyster card in your pocket, leave your Uber app alone and pull out magical beans to pay for your Unicorn Cab. Yes, you did read that right!

Your UniCab will pick up you and three others from your special UniCab Collection point and drop you off to the office.

You’ll travel in a white carriage which is brightly decorated in rainbow colours and drawn by beautiful Unicorns. When you enter your UniCab, there’s a little surprise in the form of the new ZTE Blade V7 phone, cleverly placed so you can snap away pics of you and your mates on your magical journey and share them with the world on social media. You’re also likely to find yourself snapped and papped by passers-by who’ll also be sharing their pics of people being pulled along by unicorns.

Passengers will be encouraged to use the hashtag #magictogether.

So this lovely, fuzzy wuzzy UniCab experience is actually a really cool lesson in marketing…

Mobile phone giant Three have partnered with ZTE (no, I’d never heard of them before now either) to use this eye-catching, attention-grabbing, getting people to stop in the street and do a double-take, happiness-inducing marketing ploy to spread the word about this new phone, and use their hashtag to get their name all over social media.

Has it given you any ideas for how you can get people talking more about YOUR business?

Have a magical day!

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