This is REALLY creepy..!

A really – and I mean REALLY – creepy advert was spotted in a local paper this week.

It was spotted in amongst the listings for plumbers and painters in the Southend Echo and is definitely not your typical “lonely hearts” or personal ad. It says:


‘The nail will be kept in bag number three. 

(and another bag will be knocked on the floor by a clumsy cow).’


What makes this even freakier, is that this isn’t the first time this ad has appeared. It was published in the Liverpool Echo and Hull Daily Mail last year, too. What does it mean? What’s it about? It’s doesn’t make any sense!

But before you call in the Ghost Busters, it’s probably worth mentioning that a certain Derren Brown is rumoured to have something to do with the post. It’s all part of his recent stage show, and it’s definitely been doing a good job of confusing everyone.

It is, in fact, just some seriously clever marketing…. Here is the article if you want to read it all.

I’ve not seen Derren’s show so I can’t comment on how this personal ad fits in with his performance, but I do know that he’s the King of subliminal messaging and messing with our minds.

And what better way to build a buzz around his shows and get people talking, than with something seriously creepy like this ad. It’s obviously worked too because we’re talking about it now and it’s been pick up by the national press.

Are you as good at building a buzz around your brand?

When you’re launching something new, do you know how to get people excited?

Does your marketing get your customers – and competitors – talking?

You don’t need to mess with people’s minds and you certainly don’t need to put out cryptic messages in local media. But you do need to get your audience pumped for what you do. From product launches to the day-to-day.

The best kind of customers are those who are excited by what you do, and want to shout about it.

Are you giving them a reason to?


Speak soon


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