They’ll be ‘appy with that

It’s that time of year again.

That time when we find out the most popular television programmes, YouTube videos and celeb Tweeters. But one poll I’m sure we’ve all been waiting for, is the list that shows which mobile apps we’ve downloaded the most this year.

Some of the usual suspects make the list, but I bet there are a couple that’ll surprise you:

Were you as surprised as me to still see Candy Crush in the Top 10?

Either way, it’s safe to say that our obsession with social media has shown no signs of slowing down with six of the top ten apps sitting in that category. The social networks will be ‘appy with that I’m sure!

This got me thinking, and I’d love to know what YOUR favourite app is and why?

Mine are:

  • For business – Facebook Adverts Manager – so I can manage advertising spend (and stop adverts that are bombing) on the go
  • For pleasure – Meet-Up –  its makes organising our Rotary club and getting numbers confirmed for the hotel we meet in so much easier.


How many of the top ten apps are on your phone? I bet you’ve got a couple!


Speak soon!



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