The Yolks on them!… a Creme Egg travesty that cost £10m

Last year, Cadburys made an announcement that left even the most hard-boiled chocolate lovers feeling a little scrambled.

The confectionery giant made changes to their eggstremely popular Creme Egg recipe, replacing the Dairy Milk shell for standard milk chocolate. The news left everyone feeling shell-shocked to say the least.

But fear not chocolate lovers!

The yolk is on Cadburys, as the Birmingham-based company announced Easter 2015 LOSSES of £10million, a fall of around 5%. And with Easter taking place in late March this year, it doesn’t look like the manufacturer will be smashing sales targets any time soon.

Heres what the daily mail had to say

The change to the recipe came after US manufacturer, Kraft, poached the company and moved Creme Egg chocolate production from Bristol to Poland – despite promising initially that no factories would be closed or jobs would be lost.

They say you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, but do you think that Kraft have gone too far in trying to change this British institution?

As a chocolate lover, I want to eggspress my dismay over the new shell. It’s just not the same!

So if you thought you were cracking up when you last tried a Creme Egg, fear not. It really IS different to how you remember!

Will you be frying to enjoy the new chocolate treat? Or are you eggstremely disappointed in the change?

Let’s just hope things pick up for the brand and their American owners aren’t left with egg on their face after a second year of poor Easter sales.

That’s all yolks!

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