Stay at home Boxing day…

After hundreds of thousands of people petitioned to keep the shops closed on Boxing Day, a boss decided to listen.

Three cheers for Peter Wong, a jewellery shop boss who left staff in tears when he told them they deserved to have the time off with their families.

In a speech to his workers, he said that this was ‘in support of our amazing team having two days rest and well-earned family time.’

Wongs Jewellers, an independent business, usually opens on December 26 for the start of the sales – but this year, he responded to the huge demand across the country for an extra day to spend with loved ones and not have to rush back to work.

Managing director Wong, 45, said in his speech: ‘The hot topic of debate at the moment and one I have close to my heart is whether businesses should open or not on Boxing Day.’

What are your plans Boxing Day? Working, shopping or eating? Have a goodun.

So well be taking a few days off ourselves… but as I get itchy feet, I will be available if needed on 0121 405 0001


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