Not quite as good as ‘Freddy Star Eat My Hamster’ but its damn close!

Hope you like the headline.. its just one of the things we learnt over the years… that headlines matter a lot to get emails and posts opened, even more important than the content… 2nd to the headline for importance are the P.S lines… which is why we use lots of tools and resources to help us create and measure how our communications perform.

We have started to put a lot of these resources into a central portal, If you haven’t visited it, or not visited for a few days, you should check out the recent additions to the ninja business tools site… there’s some useful resources to help you and most start at just $7 as we have agreed special rates with the tool creators… all of our ‘blue cross offers’ are also shown on the site so you can access those too if you wish


p.s a great free tool to see if your headlines will get opened is Headline Analyzer – give it a road test here

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