Nine Quintillion and Counting…

Remember Gangnam Style?

The catchy music, funny dancing and unbelievably successful video?

So many people watched it on YouTube, and I don’t think anyone with a computer or radio would honestly be able to say “I’ve never heard/seen it.”

Well, after being viewed over two billion times, that very video is responsible for breaking YouTube!

After Psy’s creation crushed their viewer limit and brought them to their knees (if a website had knees), YouTube had no choice but to increase their maximum view limit.

It now stands at nine quintillion! 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to be exact (however you read that)!

YouTube commented that they thought they would never have to increase the viewer limit…

I guess it shows that even a really successful business can learn something new!

… and I don’t just mean learning Psy’s signature cowboy style dance moves!

What do you think?

Is there any limit on your business that could do with breaking?

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