Nil Points

Secretly love it or openly hate it, the Eurovision song contest is happening very soon; in 2 days to be Everyone knows that the Eurovision is all political; it’s why England never get any points, surely?

Well this year, Eurovision organisers fear that Russia’s contestant may be targeted due to the Ukraine crisis and they have taken drastic measures.

Rather than the organisers just fearing that Russia will get ‘nil points’, they have installed anti-booing technology to hide jeers aimed towards Russia’s singer, Pollina Gagarina. The intervention from the Eurovision organisers also comes from Russia’s anti-gay laws, which continue to be openly condemned by the international community.

When things go wrong – especially in business – It’s tempting to want to block out the boos and
continue as if nothing’s happening, but sometimes you need to hear the boos to help you grow. You need to understand where you’re going wrong, to really understand and learn how to make it

Read the story for yourself here:

Take the boos, embrace them, but most of all learn from them – the only way is up, right?

Have a great week!

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