Mouldy bread and spider infested bananas.

In this social media-centric world we live in now, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few) increasingly seem to be the platforms in which customers take to first to share any company mishaps with the world.

After all, they probably are more likely to get a quicker response here since their story has the potential to reach thousands, in some cases, millions of people and do damage in a matter of seconds.

Supermarkets are probably amongst the most scrutinised and talked about on social media – their stock comes from all over the world and it can therefore be really hard to manage the quality of every single item on the shelf.

This certainly is the case of Sainsbury’s recently…

Sainsbury’s Facebook page has a MASSIVE 1.3 million likes – a LOT of followers.

And, in the last few weeks, has seen a barrage of shoppers complain and share their horror stories.

From empty sandwiches and mouldy bread, worms in fruit, spider nest infested bananas to grumpy and unhelpful delivery drivers… the list was endless and more and more people jumped on the critical band wagon to express their thoughts.

The sometimes, super amusing posts can be somewhat terrifying for a business and detrimental to their reputation.

Social media is powerful.

What do you do to make sure that you prevent horror stories reaching the internet? And, are you equipped to respond appropriately when/ if they do?

Remember though, you shouldn’t just be responsive – be proactive and share the good stuff.

A positive social media presence is key!

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