Make YOUR advert iconic!

Think about all the times you’ve seen people share the Coca-Cola advert on social media, or comment on how the John Lewis advert means it’s Christmas time.
People all over the country huddle around a laptop and watch in awe; another 2.00 minute long, heart-warming advert all about Christmas, penguins and love fill the screen.
It’s become as famous as East 17, Wham and Mariah Carey in terms of Christmas favourites.
But what makes these adverts so iconic?
I mean, other businesses have Christmas adverts; what makes John Lewis and Coca Cola so special?
I think it’s that they’re not really trying to sell their products. In fact, the Coca-Cola advert is just a convoy of vans. They monopolise on the overall feel of Christmas; the excitement, warmth, family, love, and of course, they keep it up year after year.
Who could forget the repetitive ‘Holidays are coming, holidays are coming’.

They are now synonymous with the season and now the public would be baffled if Coca-Cola or John Lewis DIDN’T have their yearly advert!
So how can we learn from this?
If your business benefits from a certain season, target your marketing towards it. What feelings does the season give out and how can you show that in your business?
Pull at the heartstrings with music, small children (usually wearing 1950’s dressing gowns for some reason) happy families and maybe a cute animal (like Monty the Penguin).
After all, if Coca-Cola can change Santa’s outfit from green to red, just think what you could do!
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p.s.. not seen Monty the Penguin – then here’s a link –

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