How far would you go for an iPhone?

It’s that time of the year where Apple release a new version of their phone and the world goes crazy.

So crazy that some guy is willing to swap his house for the new iPhone 6.

Now I’m a big fan of Apple but when the new iPhone hit the shelves, I wasn’t first in line.
But a man in Detroit was willing to sell his house for an iPhone. Now bear in mind the house is possibly the most derelict house I’ve ever seen but it’s the first time I’ve heard of this kind of sale.

I can’t believe a 2,400 square foot house can be exchanged for a phone. He’s either a massive Apple fan who is despairing at the fact he is yet to find an iPhone 6 or he must be keen to get rid of the house. In fact, it later appeared that he owes over $6000 dollars in taxes so that could have something to do with it…

Still, I’m willing to bet he wouldn’t accept a Motorola or LG phone instead. Apple truly are the masters of creating demand for a timeless product.

Hats off to them, they’ve reached the stage where houses will be swapped for their products.
Check out the full story for yourself…


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