Don’t Stop Believing…

Tales of ‘the underdog’ are everywhere, but most of them involve someone being fully-fit before taking the fight to the boxing champion, school bully, or natural world.

But the most remarkable underdog tales are where someone with physical disabilities works to overcome their issues with the help of others.

Being paralysed for two years would be enough to make any lesser people give up and accept life in a chair, but for Darek Fidyka, a Polish national paralysed after a knife attack, the stem-cell breakthrough in the story below came after 5 hours of physio five times a week.

Check out the story here:

This is a guy who didn’t give up, and still hasn’t given up…

When the world is against you, and the most your maximum effort can give you is a minimal return, would you keep going?

How much do you want to make that sale? How much do you want that new contract? How much do you want to hit those targets?

We understand health and survivability of people is more important than business… but the health and survivability of your business is very important, too!

How hard are you fighting?

Makes you think doesn’t it!

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